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USANA Review

USANA is owned and operated by Dr. Myron Wentz. It can be found at usana.com.

It is a multi-level marketing business that borders on a fraudulent business model, as indicated by the IRS in court.

There are such a large number of complaints posted online about this business that there are even dedicated watchdog sites just for exposing their unsavory practices.

Since Usana offers nutritionals and wellbeing help items, it is scarcely not a scam, but I will say that they have been blamed by government authorities for being more eager to enlist downlines than offering their goods.

Among the numerous issues with this business is that the items Usana offers are a few hundred percent higher valued than related products in retail stores.

Also, they make their “distributors” squander at least $200 every month on their items.

Significantly, the “sponsors” who conned you into USANA are going to make you pay for a bunch of expensive and tough to sell items which have been sitting in their garage.

Then you have to figure out how to unburden it on others, too, so you can try to make a little something with it if you can.

Tragically, the main ones who truly profit are the ones at the top in any MLM shenanigans.

The vast majority of the public is now pretty savvy to Multi-Level Marketing and have made themselves a hard sell for their own protection.

The main ones that may purchase from you will be loved ones that may not be for long on the off chance that you continue bothering them.

Having gone to an Usana meeting once, I can let you know that it has the quality of a religion like climate.

However it truly is even more a feeling of franticness with respect to the individuals who were talked into it before you came along.

Believe me, they can smell fresh meat the second you enter their meetings and do their best to get you energized enough to take the bait with eagerness.

The ill will you encounter when you turn them down is practically humorous until you understand you ought to sort of feel sympathy for them for not being sufficiently intelligent to not get talked into it.

You may wind up profiting in small amounts doing Usana, however you’ll in all likelihood wind up with a little distribution center worth of multivitamins in your carport.

You might just have to use it or give it away because by now, your frineds and relatives have had enough of your pestering.

I’m certain Dr. Wentz had good intentions when he made the item, yet it has all gone down in a different direction from not selling his products in stores as a credible company.

Nonetheless, since he’s at the highest position in this scheme, I am certain it doesn’t bother him in the least.

There is no positive result for you in attempting this exceedingly unsafe risk.

At the point when even the IRS is suspicious, you need to consider that carefully.

I’d love to call Usana a scam. However, I need to state rather that I can’t prescribe this very unsound business. Pass on it.