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Swag Bucks Review

“Swag Bucks”, by Prodege LLC, can be found at swagbucks.com.

It is a site offering different tasks to complete in return for rewards points called “swag bucks” redeemable with participating merchants.

There are multitudes of ways to engage in making points on their site to redeem with their sponsors.

In fact, so many options to such an extent that it can be a bit too much. It takes a few hours of a night to look over the SwagBucks back office guidelines.

“SwagBucks” has a ton of rules and limitations.

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You get “Swag Bucks” by watching videos, participating in polls, playing online games, doing paid surveys.

You also earn points by hunting down stuff on Swag Bucks’ search tool, which requires you to install on your PC. We don’t recommend that.

You can even win Swag Bucks by spamming your family and companions to join as an affiliate.

These points are actually parts of pennies, so they should really be swag pennies because it takes about 700 points to reach the minimum five dollar gift card caps.

I discovered that the results of rewards points often go missing, or uncredited for a few surveys.

To be reasonable, I had waited to check after some time of not using the site and I was yet to be credited for certain tasks.

If they decide you’re done, SwagBucks won’t let you know when they kick you off for reasons unknown.

They may advise you in a you a notice through email much later on in the event that you attempt to discover why.

Numerous clients have expressed irate comments that Swag Bucks deleted their accounts subsequent to amassing a huge number of swag credits.

I’ve seen various grievances reported that they will boot you out for utilizing a ‘bot’ whether it’s true or not.

The vast majority of users don’t have a clue as to what a “bot” is, yet in the event that Swag Bucks says you utilized one, you never get the opportunity to protect yourself.

They may give you excuses to claim you might be cheating them, yet most clients do not understand what they mean, and had usually followed their terms reliably.

One of the many issues I have with Swag Bucks is the six month time expiration on their rewards points.

It takes so long to assemble enough points in their shopping spree page that when you get enough, the swag bucks have lapsed.

A few people assert that they had a little measure of achievement with SwagBucks.

Numerous others have communicated their failure. I’ve attempted it sufficiently long to acknowledge I have better things to do with my time.

If you need to take part in SwagBucks, you should make a separate spam email address account just for these things.

The massive amount of spam you will get from participating in Swag Bucks tasks will be huge.

Also, expect telephone calls from their third party vendors to whom Swag Bucks might sell your data, so just don’t give your phone number out.

I am careful about putting toolbars on any of my browsers for fear of malware and other junk that can mess with my PC, so I don’t advise installing theirs just to get your daily swag buck (a penny fraction).

It’s astounding that site is run by a generally respectable organization, Prodege LLC in Los Angeles.

Prodege runs enormous profile sites for major sports organizations and media symbols like Korn and Maroon 5.

I find it disdainful that all we really are to them is data fodder for resale to their third party clients.

There are a lot of other get paid to take surveys web sites that will earn you a great deal more for your efforts than Swag Bucks.

In fact, click the link below to one we highly recommend!

While it doesn’t cost a membership fee, I don’t suggest that you squander your time with SwagBucks.

I don’t recommend “SwagBucks” because Survey Junkie is a much better option…

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