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37 Clicks Review

The “37 Clicks” website, which was created by Kelly Scott can be found at 37clickssp.secureonlinehost.com.

It is an affiliate marketing scheme known as a link posting scam, which will be explained in a moment.

37 Clicks is camouflaged as a business opportunity which erroneously states that anybody can profit just by posting ad links.

There are numerous things amiss with this scam, yet from the beginning they at you the anecdotal single working mother Kelly Scott with fake tale made to mess with your feelings.

This character is supposedly a single parent who makes an astounding fortune and impressive living with the program – if only it were true.

They claim she is America’s #1 home business expert, yet she just does not exist in real life.

Actually nothing else on this scam site is genuine. There are numerous copy scam destinations like this.

A similar scam has already been hawked as Home Internet Career, Careers For You and many other names.

You’ll see a similar presentation design word for word, fake photo for fake photo on each one of the other clone scams, too.

The scammers who run it will desert the scam and make another under an alternate name and URL, yet we are always on the look out.

Follow this depiction of the scam and its pack of grimy traps from start to finish beginning with the opt in page.

Initially, you won’t know what the work is or how you’d make the tremendous measure of cash they assert.

However they need you to pay and sign into the following page to discover it’s a scam. Red flag one.

This is so they can get your email address as a major aspect of their plan to get all your private data they can inspire you to surrender including your Visa information.

Once in, they make a misguided feeling of direness with the old ‘2 positions left, act now’ ploy.

Be that as it may, it looks like nothing near a job opportunity.

37 Clicks is an exceptionally unsafe venture, and one they never fully describe in any detail on their presentation pages.

That is not how businesses behave in real life.

Take a moment to peruse the disclaimers and terms at the bottom of the page.

You will see that their legal advisors have deliberately worded that nothing on the buildup is valid.

Nothing, including the utilization of the network news logos at the top of the pages, is valid.

None of the news organizations ever give them the privilege to utilize their logo pictures.

Down the page from the fake mother’s fake story and the stock pictures, there are shill remarks from nonexistent individuals and a doctored up paycheck.

None of it is genuine.

One of our sources, an investigative journalist for a noteworthy news channel educated us that the video that has been always utilized by the scammers’ clone sites ios used without permission.

The issue is that they don’t have the wherewithall to pursue the scammers who run cons like 37 Clicks, so they escape with it each time another scam appears.

You should be watchful of this other trap they utilize: fraud titles with devised names like Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent Program.

Unfortunately, 37 Clicks is an aggregate misfortune program intended to make the administrators of this scam all the cash and no one else.

What they really do is have their sales reps, otherwise known as “business consultants” talk newcomers into paying thousands of dollars for scam “business coaching” upsells.

Trying to recover your refund from 37 Clicks will be impossible.

By then it will be past the point of no return and they will have pulled stakes and moved their carnie show with no way to contact them.

37 Clicks won’t help you profit online from home with link posting and it will deplete your bank account for whatever length of time that they can do it.

Try not to believe the VeriSign and other security links at the base of the page. The links are dead and just for show.

This is a total scam. Get far away from 37 Clicks the moment you see their site or spam ad in your email inbox.

Work At Home Special Report Review

The “Work At Home Special Report” website is “owned” by Emily White, sometimes Mary Stevens, sometimes Melissa Johnson.

It can be found at http://nycscope.com/res2/, http://www.theweeklyviral.com/d/tna.php, http://www.winnercareer.com/lp/c/bcam.php, and nycscope.com/res2/bcad.htm.

It is a link posting scam with sleazy news report like angle.

Work At Home Special Report uses a frequent and fraudulent news scheme the scammers call an “advertorial”.

That is short for advertisement editorial, which should not be a thing.

Even though it might appear to be a genuine news report, it is in reality a fake news report.

Everything on Work At Home Special Report is totally made up, there’s nothing genuine about it.

In fact, the disclaimer at the base of the page disclaims everything at the top.

The Work At Home Special Report site presentation page is part of other scams with various fake working single mom names and stock photographs.

Indeed, even the anecdotal ‘work from home single parent’ Mary Stevens is not an actual living person.

Besides one of the biggest issues being that it resembles a news report, the main con is the bait and switch game known as the link posting scam.

Newcomers to internet marketing are the main staple that these scammers go after, because they don’t know any better.

They buildup a whopper that you can make a lot of money with them with no experience or abilities working just a hour a day, but that’s just a lie.

Watch out for gimmicks such as the fake check photo-shopped to make it look like the fake mom is raking it in. That is a lie, too.

Work Home Special Report Fake Check


The reality is that you never get large checks like that when you post ad links.

In the event that you do happen to profit doing it you will get separate little checks from the customers for whom you post ads if you do happen to make anything at all.

The problem with this type of scam is that you have to invest in ad space to post the links, so right off the bat you’re spending money in hopes you might make money.

Most people do not click on those links anyway, so there’s not a whole lot of money to be made.

Gaining a living from posting promotions for various organizations is almost nonexistent, as the odds of somebody engaging the link and purchasing something is highly unlikely.

Be that as it may, the main ones profiting through Work At Home Special Report is the con artist who runs the site.

Work At Home Special Report first charges $99.95, and then if you try to exit the site, a pop up window slashes the price in an effort to entice you more.

Even then you’re still paying too much. Don’t feel like you’re fortunate getting the markdown.

It’s only a trap to motivate you to join and surrender your personal and banking information.

There are many programs with which you can make money online from home. However Work At Home Special Report is not one of them.

A large portion of the genuine ones don’t charge you as much and keep on charging your card without your authorization.

When you surrender your MasterCard number and individual information, Work At Home Special Report unleashes a boiler room floor sales team that tries aggressively to up-sell you.

They do their best to sell you useless business coaching programs and other junk that will only leave you broke.

Work At Home Special Report has no refund system and attempting to recover your cash is just about impossible.

They only go away when they’ve gotten as much money from you as they can get.

So may unhappy victims have kept in touch with us about getting ripped off by these scammers, sometimes for as much as tens of thousands of dollars.

Additionally, please avoid the site it diverts you to, Work At Home Source. It ios also part of the scam.

Work At Home Special Report is a terrible work from home scam that you you should dodge at all costs.