Amway Review

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  • January 16 ,2017
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“Amway” belongs to Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos. It is found at

THIS is the mother of all mlm’s – no one will argue for phrasing it this way.

Amway has been around longer than many other multi-level marketing business opportunities both on and offline and it will always outlast them all despite their horrible present and past reputation.

There are many people who have complained about how shady their return policy is, not to mention one’s return on investment (ROI).

Many who have been stuck with crumbling Amway products will agree to it if they fail to return their unsold products.

Amway’s products are made in China, India and Michigan, yet they’ve been already banned from operating in China and different nations including India and parts of Europe.

Some of the troubles that the Amway has brought on itself are the Procter and Gamble settlement of $19.25 million in the 1990s.

Because Amway merchants who spread bits of gossip that the P&G CEO practiced Satanism and set satanic images on their products’ logos.

On charges of customs fraud and tax evasion, Amway settled for $45 million Canadian dollars with Canada.

In 2010 they settled a legal claim against them, the settlement was for $150 million dollars on charges of mail fraud, wire fraud and being a pyramid scheme.

These are only a small sample of Amway’s numerous legal issues that is worth mentioning.

Nevertheless, I’m certain you are eager to know whether this is a business opportunity you should partake in. The answer to this is a capital NO.

Reasons been that, the strategies they utilize are similarly as brainwashing and cultish is the best language in which their meetings can be described.

They talk up a storm about how rich you will get to be through “direct selling”, and how they support you, as a salesman, to purchase thousands of dollars of overrated products and “success tool” that are ineffective.

Afterward they persuade you to make sure that others do the same as well in an unending chain scheme which can just end in near, if not total, financial ruin.

We won’t even touch, (well, barely), the cult-like atmosphere among the ranks that either support you if you’ve swallowed their indoctrination or berate you til you do.

We don’t recommend MLM as a business organization, because 99% who attempted it failed.

However, because of the numerous ethics and fraud issues that Amway has, there is no other choice than to call it a scam.

Stay away from this train wreck as far as humanly possible.

“Amway” is not recommended!

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